By Karen Redelinghuys Life and Business Coach

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask: “What if I fall?”

Oh, but my darling,

What if you fly?

̴ e.h.

This poem deeply touched me when I first read it. I guess at the time I needed to read it.  The poem is written by Erin Hanson, a young Australian poet.

The promise of freedom, a breeze in the sky – what more do you need?

We have a fantasy of having or doing something better in our lives, the fantasy becomes a dream, the dream becomes a goal, the goal has an action plan, and then the plan becomes reality.

Often when setting goals for ourselves, we are plagued with self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, limiting beliefs about ourselves and we go into self-sabotage mode. We, ourselves, make sure we don’t make a move towards achieving the goal, and we stay in that place of safety and comfort. We feel secure. Does this sound familiar? Do you know that the word secure is actually a four-letter word!

This article is the first in a series in dealing with self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and limiting beliefs.  Each one has the power through your own self to have power over you.  You give this negativity permission to have control over you.

If we continue to say to ourselves is ‘what if I fall?’ That’s it, our dreams fade, our goals seem ridiculous, and we stop believing in ourselves. You feel so scared, enough not to do something, not to live the dream! Are you so scared of putting a great deal of effort into trying to do something, and then you don’t achieve it? Does this fear or thought in your head, make you turn away from your dreams?

Let’s put it straight out there: the thoughts in your head are creating the results in your life!  What you are thinking becomes real in one way or another.

As soon as you start thinking about setting a goal in life or to try something new, you start doubting yourself. The way we do this is to have a self-talk or a conversation with self.

“I will not make it.”

‘’I am not good enough.”

“I’ve tried it before, and failed, why will I succeed now?”

This voice inside tells you over and over about what could go wrong. The imagined situation becomes the real situation in your mind. You end up actually confronting a problem that really only exists in your mind only.

These self-sabotaging thoughts inside your head end taking your dream/goal away from you.  Remember that nobody did this to you, these are your thoughts, which end up as barriers you have set up for yourself.  These are thought patterns, i.e., the thoughts in your head that create your results in life.

Change the way you think about life, about situations, about people and your life will change too.  That inner conversation must change in order to change your attitude.  Recognize when it is happening, recognize the triggers for those voices in your head, become a master of self-observation.


Now, my darling, what if you fly?