We need to talk if, your life looks fantastic on paper, but somehow feels very different in real life.

Newsweek once described a life coach as: “Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs and with ordinary people, helping them all define and achieve their goals – career, personal or, most often, both.”


Life coaching is a powerful, life changing experience where you can rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in every aspect of your life.

Whether you are starting out in your career, or slap bang in the middle of a fast-paced life & career and trying to balance the two, or you are retired, and you are wondering ‘what now’’?



  • Creating a clear vision of what you want to achieve;
  • Developing a plan and action on how to get there;
  • Clearing the barriers and cultivate the mindset and headspace that will allow you to enjoy it;
  • Instilling in yourself the conviction to face your future with confidence.

Are you ready for life coaching to improve on action plans and to improve your life? Are you ready to maybe feel uncomfortable, to hear feedback and have your assumptions questioned? I strongly believe that through this process, maybe some discomfort, something much, much better awaits you and something better is about to emerge in your life.


It’s a complex world we live in filled with diversity and change. It’s exciting, it’s scary. Things around us change even if we don’t. We think we can bury our heads in the sand and the change will just happen around us, then we can carry on with our lives and run our businesses, uninterrupted. Some ride these waves of change and the unknown with such confidence and always seem make the right decisions.

Diversity not only refers to the way we look, it also has to do with the way we think, the way we process information, our human characteristics that make us different. Your business deals with this diverse world every day, whether it be the diverse profile of your staff members, or the diversity of your customer base – you and your business are dealing with a diversity every day. Now, instead of fearing this diversity and trying to avoid it, embrace it, welcome it, learn from it, be more successful in your business because you are reaching a broader and more diverse customer base.

A simple misunderstanding turn into major issue – avoid this happening for your staffs’ sake, for your business sake and most of all for your sake! Learn to navigate and embrace the world we live in today!

I am a specialist in diversity management and I can help you create the path of action needed to see the benefits of a diverse staff and customer base. 


Retirement is a big deal! Retirement is a huge change in your life and it’s probably the biggest transition you will ever make. You may (or may not) have sorted out your financial matters for retirement, where you will spend your retirement and with whom you want to spend it with. But it somehow feels like an anti-climax. There is something still missing in your life.

Quite often we neglect the psychological impact of retiring, i.e.:



  • How do you measure personal success now in your retirement;
  • Scheduling your daily life;
  • Retiring in good health but also accepting physical limitations;
  • Changing social networks and circles;
  • Refocusing on your relationships with your loved ones.

These can big really factors in whether or not you are happy and living the life you deserve as a retired person.

As a retirement coach, I can help you make the most out of this fantastic time of your life by focusing on the mental, social, physical and spiritual changes that take place at retirement.


My interest in your business in terms of coaching is the diversity in your workplace. What kind of work environment do you provide your staff/workers? Is it one that values diversity? Is it one that has issues such as racism, sexism, bullying, etc.? Serious issues that just cannot get resolved and could cost you a lot of money? Does the disharmony amongst your staff impact on your bottom line? How are your customers affected?

I can help you identify, understand and address issues in the workplace. Is your business as productive as it should be? How are your staff members’ motivational levels? How does this affect their productivity? Do you understand the complexities of DIVERSITY in your workplace?  What can you do better for your business from a diversity perspective?

Besides being a certified Life Coach, I am a specialist in the field of Diversity Management with years of hands-on experience in the field. I will help you towards finding solutions to very complex diversity-related issues.


Goal setting – Do you have a goal in life? Unsure of where to start, what to prioritize, what to focus specifically on in the present moment? We set goals in life and many times they just fall flat. Just think of those well-meaning new year’s resolutions – they seem to just fade into the busy life you have. Do you have personal accomplishments right now, that were not so long ago just a dream, a desire, or a goal.  Turn these dreams into reality!! Gain complete clarity in your life about where you have been, where you are now and where you want to be. This kind of self-awareness can propel you forward into something really special in your life. I can help you gain this self-awareness needed, set your goals, get an action plan ready, and help you accomplish and live your best life.


Career coaching is a type of life coaching that helps people find greater fulfilment in their careers. I help you set professional goals and to create a plan of action as well as eliminate any obstacles that may be in your way. Do you know that it’s never too late to make a change or decide to move upwards, or even decide to leave? I have vast experience in coaching people on how to conduct oneself & what to expect in an interview. Also, in how to write a winning CV that gets noticed. Are you stuck in a deadend job that brings no meaning to your existence? Do you work in a toxic environment? Are you struggling to balance your daily work life with your personal life? Are you burning your candle at both ends?